Productive Parenting

We get it. Parenting is tough. Parenting is not for the faint of heart. Parenting makes you sometimes want to pull your hair out…unless your child has beaten you to the punch on that one. We’ve scoured the web for some tips that may help get you through the day…. productively. Let us know what you think, or if you have some tips to add to the list!

  1. Wake up…earlier!

Everyone knows a morning routine with kids is in no way simple. There are kids to be dressed, teeth to be brushed, breakfast to be made, and sanity to be maintained. Sometimes the key to being productive simply means having time to focus on you before the craziness begins. This might mean a cup of coffee or some reading out of a good book. The choice is yours, but it starts with waking up early to get a head start on the day!

  1. Keep that routine

Structure helps to keep children in order, and a regular routine helps that structure. Kids like to know what to expect and when to expect it. The same can be said for adults, especially adults with small children. Write down the routine in a place where everyone can see it. This way everyone knows what, when, and where they are supposed to be at a given moment!

  1. Presenting a hobby

Sometimes all it takes for you to get your work done is for your child to be kept busy…and to enjoy that source of busyness. Moms can relate in that if your child is restless, sooner or later you will be entertaining that restlessness!  An easy way to avoid this is to find something your child enjoys doing and put that to use! Just like you may have had a go-to-hobby when bored (once upon a time?), give your child that same source of joy. Does your child enjoy instruments? Give them an instrument to play with every day. Interested in painting? Give them a variety of things to paint. Think creatively and out of the box as well!

  1. Bored? Boredom doesn’t exist

What if nothing else is working and you are trying to finish the laundry and the little one walks in whining those dreaded words — the familiar, extended tone of, ‘I’m borreeed.’ These two words carry a lot of meaning. For most parents, it means that your child wants your immediate attention and that whatever you might have been planning for the next hour has just gone out the window. One saying has the potential to break the cycle: “There is no such thing as boredom.” Parents have attested that while these words may seem arbitrary, telling your child this and then going on to instruct them to be productive or use their imagination has actually helped the ‘case of boredom.’ It puts the problem of not having anything ‘fun’ to do directly with the child. Try it out and see for yourself! You might end up being more productive yourself as a result.

  1. The choice is theirs

What if your child is not bored, has finished their activity of the day, and it’s a Saturday off from the usual schedule? You’re cleaning up from lunch and your attention (and only your attention) is required…so much so that it’s hard to finish cleaning the kitchen. Give them a choice: “You can stay and help me do chores, or you can leave and play.” More often than not, you either earn yourself a little helper or you get the job done ten times faster (as your child skips away from responsibility).


Minnieland Academy provides early childhood education and care for infants through school-age children. We believe in learning in a loving environment.

Founded in 1972 by Chuck and Jackie Leopold, Minnieland Academy has provided Virginia families with the best early childhood education and care for over 40 years. We have over 60 schools that serve infants through school age children, helping them develop in a loving environment. We believe that learning is fun, and our Kid Steps curriculum provides age appropriate education at every level of their growth.

Come visit one of our schools and become part of the Minnieland Academy Family!

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