Does Your Family Have a Fire Safety Plan?

It’s never too late to make a fire safety plan for your family. The following is a list of basic things you can do with your family to make sure you are prepared if a fire ever happens in your home.


  1. Make sure you have a home fire escape plan and if you don’t have one – make one together with your family


  1. Post the fire escape plan in a regularly visited space in the house


  1. Practice the home fire escape plan at least once a year so your children know exactly what to do if the situation of a fire arises


  1. Teach your children to “get low and go” if there is smoke in the room when they are trying to leave


  1. Make sure your children know to feel the doorknob with the back of their hand to see if there is a fire on the other side. If the doorknob is hot, do not go through the door


  1. Choose a place to meet outside of the home so that your family can regroup

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