Educational Shows for Young Children

Sometimes parents just need a break from the craziness, but don’t want their kids to waste time in front of a mindless TV show. Luckily for everyone, YouTube offers up some great educational YouTube channels for kids! The following are a couple of shows that many parents found rewarding for their young ones!

  1. Oh My Genius

This is a fun and educational channel focused on teaching your little one about the exciting things in the world around them. Every episode teaches a different lesson, so browse around and choose a topic you want your child to focus on.

  1. HooplaKidz

HooplaKidz is a great channel that focuses on teaching children about the cultures around them, as the show follows the characters around on adventures. Your child will also learn new vocabulary as new words are incorporated into the show!

  1. Toddler Fun Learning

Toddler Fun Learning is geared towards the musical aspect of learning. It is a channel that focuses on teaching your child new songs and nursery rhymes. Counting and the ABC’s are some of the things your child can learn through these songs.

  1. StoryBots

This channel teaches your child a number of practical activities like brushing their teeth and getting dressed in the morning.  The channel also has an app with a number of educational videos that follow the characters around on adventures to new and exciting places.


  1. Scratch Garden

Among a number of other things this channel teaches, scratch Garden teaches your children about shapes and colors. It is a channel full of singing and entertainment and will no doubt keep your children interested.

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