Now for Some Outdoor Activities!

It’s beginning to get a little warmer outside and we all can’t stop but think that it’s about time! Earlier in the month, we had some ideas for activities to do indoors and now it’s time to bring out some of the outdoor activities! The following are a couple of ideas taken from some different blogs. Take a look and have some fun with them!

            Marble Launch

All you need is a water noodle and a couple marbles for this game! The rest can be improvised! Let the race begin!

            Frisbee Tic-Tac-Toe

It’s time to bring Tic-Tac-Toe to the next level with a couple Frisbees and a sheet/tablecloth. This is a perfect game for younger children too as the layout of the game is so big!

            Jump Rope From Marker Caps.

This activity may take a bit of time to prepare, but involves both craftiness and fitness, which can often be hard to combine! You may need a surplus of spare markers on your hand for this one though…

            Drip Drip Splash!

Drip Drip Splash takes Duck Duck Goose to a whole new level and adds some incentive to run a little faster in the game! All you need is a paper cup, some water, and children willing to play the game!

            Sponge Bullseye

Sponge Bullseye is a fun game to play on a warm day! Chalk and a few sponges are all that is needed! Draw a bullseye somewhere on your driveway and then let the games begin!

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