Surviving the Last Bits of this Cold Weather

Warm and sunny days are approaching, and may even be dispersed through the month, but we’ve prepared a list of fun indoor activities in the meantime! Instead of going straight for the TV remote or the videogame controllers, try out a few of these games that work on a number of locomotion and stability skills.

Jungle World: Ask your child to act out different animals like “run like a cheetah” or “hop like a kangaroo!” This gets you child’s whole body in motion and is also a fun game to practice indoors.

Kick It: Practice rolling a ball around and ask your child to kick it in the direction of your choosing (towards me, towards your friend, softly, to your right etc.)

Musical Chairs: What a classic game…set chairs around in a circle and have one extra player than the amount of chairs you set out. Play some fun songs and whenever the song ends, players scramble to find a chair. The player who does not find a chair is out. The game continues until there is one player left.

Bubbles: Each child has a plate and a straw. Put a coin sized drop of soap onto each plate and swirl the soap around with a little bit of water. Blowing very carefully, each child tries to form the biggest bubble they can without it popping.

Hot Potato: Grab a soft ball and toss it around a circle of children. Every child tries to get rid of the ‘hot potato’ as fast as they can while yelling ‘hot potato.’  The game ends whenever the children decide the potato is no longer hot.

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