Improving Vocabulary…One Meal at a Time

The Jar

Place a jar on your dinner table filled with new vocabulary words.   Have your children pull a word out of the jar.   Go around the table and discuss associations you may have with the word.   It’s a great time to chat and also an amazing learning opportunity for your children.


Word Art

            Before sitting down at the table, supply every family member with a few colored pencils and a slip of paper. Choose a word out of the dictionary (or maybe your word jar that you’ve created) and have everyone doodle what comes to mind when they hear the description of the word. What’s not fun about doodling (with a side of learning?)?


Discovery Time

            Task every family member with finding a new word for the day. When it comes time to sit down for dinner, every family member shares their word and says why they like it. At the end of the week, whoever remembers the most words from this activity wins a prize (maybe a cupcake for dessert)!

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Minnieland Academy provides early childhood education and care for infants through school-age children. We believe in learning in a loving environment.

Founded in 1972 by Chuck and Jackie Leopold, Minnieland Academy has provided Virginia families with the best early childhood education and care for over 40 years. We have over 60 schools that serve infants through school age children, helping them develop in a loving environment. We believe that learning is fun, and our Kid Steps curriculum provides age appropriate education at every level of their growth.

Come visit one of our schools and become part of the Minnieland Academy Family!

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