Your Child Wants a Pet…What Now?

  • Try visiting an animal shelter and spending time with the dogs and cats there. This can either be to see how your child interacts with pets or it could be a opportunity to give your child animal time, without actually buying an animal.


  • If you are not opposed to having a pet, maybe negotiate on a smaller one to start with (maybe hamster size).


  • Reach out to neighbors with animals and let your child spend time with these animals (you will need to be sure your neighbor is aware of this new implementation and also okay with it). If your neighbor is willing, you could even try having your child help out with the care (like feeding and walking etc.) and see how things go from there.


  • Have your child first demonstrate that they can handle basic chores. Another idea would be the ‘go-to-plant-plan.’ Give your child a plant and tell them if they can keep the plant healthy for a certain amount of time, then maybe they can handle the responsibility of having an animal.


  • Whatever you decide, give your child the complete run through of why or why not the decision to get a pet would be a good or bad idea. The worst thing to do is to simply say ‘no, I don’t want a dog etc..’ Explain how a dog needs a consistent feeding schedule, daily exercise and attention, and how maybe your family cannot provide these things for a dog at the moment

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