Public Tantrums? Here’s How to Handle Them

Another tantrum in the store?

Ah…the beloved moment when your child begins to act as a human windshield wiper against the grocery store floor. It’s a humbling experience for all to go through a public temper tantrum. We’ve gathered some tips and thoughts on how to turn the embarrassment level from a 10 to a 5. Let us know what you think.

  1. Before going anywhere, try to stock your bag with snacks and drinks. Sometimes all it takes for a meltdown is a want for food. Sure, your food may not be the object of desire as you stroll by the chocolate chunk cereal….but it may appease the anger for a little longer.

2. Be an example of how to act: You want to pull your hair out. We get it. Completely. But your toddler doesn’t need to know this. This fact may only make your little one more upset. Stay calm and take deep breaths. Rushing out of the store won’t make your child any more calm. In fact, it may cause more agitation. Once out of the center of attention, keep your wits. Don’t attempt ending the ordeal quickly. Rushing the process is a recipe for disaster. Sit down with your little one and let them know you understand how they’re feeling. Pat them on the back or sit them in your lap. Let the little one know it’s okay to have bad feelings but that it’s time to calm down.

  1. “What can I do for you?”: Asking a question like this lets your little one know you are on their side. It does not mean you will give them what they want, but opens up a dialogue to explain the situation. Maybe they can’t have that lollipop because it has too much sugar…but they can have an oatmeal bar! No matter what – don’t give in to the reason of the temper tantrum no matter what. It will only make your child realize that all they have to do is throw a fit to get anything they want. Stick to your ground and keep calm. You’ll get through it…we promise!


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