Holidays Are Over… Now What?

That day that you and your family have been waiting for for ages is now over. Yes, over. You have done your part. You have committed to hours of shopping, baking, planning and prepping. You have wrapped presents and entertained guests. You have dealt with overly excited children and now. You. Are. Done. The awaited day has come and you are now sitting in a house torn apart by children, wondering what to do. No fear. There is plenty to do and not be done.

Step one: BREATHE. Close your eyes and relax. Everything will get done eventually and while you may be close to a superhero, you are not so just relax.

Step two? Accept the mayhem that has consumed your household. While the paper trail may have disappeared, we all know there is much more to the mayhem than the wrapping paper. Toys and gadgets seem to be popping out of every corner. Start with simply making piles of things that need to be sorted into their appropriate rooms. No need to get fancy with it – just grab a basket and pick up what you see. That’s all for now.

Step three? Plan. Make a list of the things you’d like to have done before life gets rolling again. Maybe you want to toss the tree or maybe you need your kids to try on their clothes so you know what needs to be returned or not. Maybe those piles now need a home. Once you have this list, plan some times in the week you can check through it. It’ll get done eventually. No worries. Last but not least…chill! The last thing you need is to be exhausted by the time life gets back to normal. The holidays are a time for relaxation and family time. Prioritize these things before your list bogs you down. You’ve made it through a hectic Christmas…take some time off — only 364 days till the next one.

Founded in 1972 by Chuck and Jackie Leopold, Minnieland Academy has provided Virginia families with the best early childhood education and care for over 40 years. We have over 60 schools that serve infants through school age children, helping them develop in a loving environment. We believe that learning is fun, and our Kid Steps curriculum provides age appropriate education at every level of their growth.

We welcome you to visit one of our schools and become part of the Minnieland Academy Family!

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